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Windy City Smokeout

JULY 10-12, 2020

Against the Grain

Louisville, KY

The Menu

Spare Ribs

Smoked Turkey Breast

Smoked Gouda Grits

About Against the Grain

Against The Grain Brewery is Louisville’s first brewer-owned brewery and, like most worthwhile undertakings, the product of dissatisfaction with the status quo. The Louisville area has had a number of quality brewpubs for some time now, but still there was simply not enough beer! Against the Grain is an effort to help solve this problem. We maintain a diverse array of beers covering many of the major categories of beer flavor while generating an endless stream of innovative new brews. In short, everything is “specialty” and boredom will be extremely difficult. At Against The Grain, we have thrown out the traditional mode of thought and shifted our attention to producing amazing beer consistently, which can be any given style or have any twist on it. We hang our hats on quality and want you to know, there is a world of options out there and we make them! 

Not to be overshadowed by our commitment to world-class beer, is our affinity for innovative smokehouse fare.  Led by Jordan Delewis (pictured), or better known as Smoke Daddy in these parts. Jordan been with Against the Grain Brewery and Smokehouse since day one. Starting off as a line cook looking for an opportunity in the culinary field Jordan cooked his way up to sous chef within a year. By 23 he was running the kitchen and writing menus with traditional smokehouse favorites and innovative vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. 

 Jordan’s skills come from years of line cook experience, a passion for culinary textbooks and cookbooks. He’s created countless menus for dinners in Louisville and changes the Against the Grain menu twice a year.  



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