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Windy City Smokeout

JULY 10-12, 2020

Tyler Braden – Blackhawks Artist Lounge

July 12 | 7:00 PM

At Windy City Smokeout

About Tyler Braden – Blackhawks Artist Lounge

“He has a powerful voice, a knack for writing emotional songs, and the ability to deliver them with complete conviction.
Tyler Braden is a secret talent hiding in plain sight in Nashville. But it’s easy to become a believer. Just listen.

On a song like “I Remember When,” a self-penned piece inspired by his real-life grandfather, Braden explores the perimeters of dementia. He sings with intensity about a man whose emotions are almost impenetrable, focused on a NASCAR race on the TV screen and a way-back memory of his now-deceased wife in her younger, rebel days. It’s a difficult topic, one that seems suited to a dirge-like ballad, but Braden crafted it as a midtempo celebration, avoiding the obvious sadness in his grandfather’s advancing age and diminishing skillset, reveling instead in the ebullient peak of his prior years.”

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